About Accessible Dispatch

Accessible Dispatch launched in September 2012 to provide residents and visitors with disabilities greater access to wheelchair accessible taxis. In 2018, the program expanded to cover pick-ups and drop-offs in all five boroughs. With expanded coverage and more accessible vehicles, residents and visitors can access the city like never before.

Accessible Dispatch is a NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission program that is operated by Medical Transportation Management (MTM).

Here’s How It Works

Step by Step Process of Booking your trip with accessible dispatch

Step 1: Request a ride using one of the following methods:
– Call the dispatch center directly at (646)-599-9999, or call 311
– Use the Accessible Dispatch mobile app
Book online

Step 2: Accessible Dispatch sends the closest available wheelchair accessible vehicle to your pick-up location.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation that includes the medallion or license plate number. This will allow you to easily find your driver. Accessible Dispatch may also communicate with you directly if the driver has trouble finding you.

Step 4: When you find your taxi, your driver will provide assistance in helping you enter using the vehicle’s ramp as needed. They will also secure you using the vehicle’s wheelchair securement system.

Step 5: At your destination, your driver will help you exit the vehicle and get safely to the curb.

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