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Enrolling & Participating in Accessible Dispatch

All yellow and green drivers operating wheelchair accessible vehicles are eligible to take Accessible Dispatch trips—no enrollment necessary!
You can track your payments using the Driver Portal. Click here to learn more. If you have any questions about using the portal, email us at or call our Driver Hotline at 646-942-5957.
All wheelchair accessible yellow and green vehicles can be used for Accessible Dispatch trips. Click here to view the list of vehicle types that are currently approved by the TLC.

Please report inoperable equipment to 311.

Accessible Dispatch Fares & Payments

Passengers pay the standard metered rate.

You can turn on the meter to begin the fare once the passenger is seated and secured in the vehicle.

Drivers cannot charge additional fees for transporting passengers with a mobility device.

Drivers receive an additional payment for the distance traveled to the pick up point.

Drivers receive dispatch payments based on the distance you travel to the passenger’s pick-up location. Below are the dispatch payment and no-show/cancellation rate schedules.

Dispatch Payments for Passenger Pick-Ups

Miles Dollars
Up to 0.5 $15
0.5 – 1 $20
1 – 1.5 $25
1.5 – 2 $30
More than 2 $35

Other Payments

No-Show + $10
Cancellations – $5
Tolls EZ-Pass Rate
This money is sent to you by debit card or to your checking/savings account, depending on your TSP provider’s payment method.

All dispatch and passenger no-show/cancellation payments are calculated and approved by Accessible Dispatch.

There is no limit to how many trips you can complete or dispatches you can be paid for. You will receive a dispatch payment for all of the Accessible Dispatch trips you complete.

You can only receive two no-show/cancellation payments per week.

The TIF is designed to support the use of wheelchair accessible yellow taxicabs in New York City. Drivers are only eligible for TIF when operating an accessible yellow taxicab. TIF payments are distributed to drivers for every trip performed in a wheelchair accessible taxicab, even if the passenger does not use a wheelchair. These payments are released by the TLC every other Friday to the Bank of America debit card that you receive after you are successfully enrolled in the TIF Program for drivers. Click here for more information.
Accessible Dispatch is a NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) program that provides service to passengers requesting wheelchair accessible vehicles. Passengers pay the metered fare and drivers receive a dispatch payment from their TSP.

The MTA’s New York City Transit Access-A-Ride (AAR) Paratransit Service provides public transportation for eligible customers with disabilities that prevent them from using the public buses and subways.

Accepting & Taking Accessible Dispatch Trips

You are eligible to receive Accessible Dispatch trips whenever you are on duty on your DIM. While you are on duty, you may receive trips from Accessible Dispatch. Trips are dispatched through your vehicle’s DIM based on your current GPS location and availability.

When you are available and selected to take an Accessible Dispatch trip, a trip notification will appear on your DIM screen. You must accept the trip. Once you accept the trip, you cannot pick up a street hail or other pre-arranged trip.

No. While on duty in a wheelchair accessible vehicle, drivers must accept Accessible Dispatch trips. Drivers who do not accept trips are considered to be refusing to provide service under TLC rule 80-20(a).
Once you arrive at the passenger’s pick-up location, you must wait at least 10 minutes for the passenger. If the passenger does not show within 10 minutes, you may push the no-show button.

You are then entitled to the no-show payment, and can return to other street hail or dispatch work.

Please note that you cannot collect more than two cancellation/no-show payments in one week.

If you accept a trip and the passenger cancels after you have already traveled more than 0.5 miles, you are entitled to a cancellation payment as described in the dispatch payment tables above. The dispatcher will notify you of any passenger cancellations.

Please note that you cannot collect more than two cancellation/no-show payments in one week.

If your vehicle has inoperable dispatch equipment or malfunctioning safety equipment like broken belts and wheelchair restraints, report the issue to your vehicle owner/fleet. If you have already described the issue to your vehicle owner/fleet and the issue has not been resolved, please report it to the TLC by calling 311.

Owner and Driver Responsibilities

The accessible vehicle owner plays an important role in the successful operation of the Accessible Dispatch Program. In particular, owners must:
• Ensure dispatch equipment is installed and maintained in all wheelchair accessible vehicles.
• Promptly replace or repair inoperable dispatch equipment within 48 hours of notification.

Refer to Chapter 53 of the TLC Rule Book for more details on the owner role and requirements. Chapter 53 also has many other helpful details regarding driver responsibilities, dispatch equipment, trip declines, fares, and more.

Owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles are responsible for working with TSP providers to ensure appropriate installation of all Accessible Dispatch equipment. While the vehicle is in operation, the DIM equipment must be turned on and able to receive dispatches. If there are any problems with the equipment, the driver must notify the owner within one hour or by the end of the shift, whichever comes first. The owner must work with the TSP provider to replace or repair the dispatch equipment within 48 hours after notification.
To receive TIF owner maintenance payments following tri-annual inspections, owners must ensure wheelchair accessible taxicabs have installed DIM equipment capable of receiving trips from the Accessible Dispatcher. Click here for more information.
To receive Green Grant payments following bi-annual inspections, owners are responsible for ensuring wheelchair accessible green taxis have installed DIM equipment capable of receiving trips from the Accessible Dispatcher. Click here for more information.
We are here to help! Please contact our Driver Hotline at 646-942-5957 or with any additional questions you may have about Accessible Dispatch. For more information about the Taxi Improvement Fund, visit the TLC website.
Starting January 1, 2022, all TLC-Licensed Drivers must complete a continuing education course as a requirement for renewing their TLC Driver License. The purpose of the course is to provide professional and practical hands-on training to support their work as professional Drivers and enhance public safety.

Click here for more information on the renewal course, including a list of all authorized course providers.