Meet Our September Driver of the Month: Daouda Fofana

Without the drivers who go the extra mile to provide stellar customer service, safely secure passengers who utilize wheelchairs in their vehicles, and ensure an all-around excellent rider experience, Accessible Dispatch wouldn’t be the success it is today. To show appreciation for the faces behind our program, every month we’re proud to name a Driver of the Month! Each month, we recognize a Taxi and Limousine (TLC)-licensed wheelchair accessible vehicle driver who hasn’t received any service complaints and who accepted the most Accessible Dispatch trips for that month.

In September, we were proud to recognize one outstanding driver as Driver of the Month: Daouda Fofana. Outside of providing continually excellent service in September, Daouda has also been recognized as a Most Active Driver of the Week four times. Dedicated TLC-licensed drivers like Daouda who operate wheelchair accessible vehicles and accept outer borough trips are what made our expansion to serve all five boroughs possible.

We recently spoke to Daouda about his background driving a taxi and why taking Accessible Dispatch trips is so important to him. Congrats Daouda, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to serving Accessible Dispatch passengers!

How long have you been a licensed TLC driver? Do you drive a yellow or green taxi?

I have been a TLC-licensed driver for about nine years now. I drive a green Toyota Sienna.

What do you like best about being a taxi driver in general?

I used to drive a yellow taxi before, but ever since I changed to green, I have enjoyed my job even more.

When did you take your first Accessible Dispatch trip?

I took my first Accessible Dispatch trip in December 2017.

What do you like best about Accessible Dispatch?

Accessible Dispatch is the best! I like the opportunity to earn the dispatch fees and the Most Active Driver of the Week incentive.

How did you learn how to use the ramp and securement equipment in your vehicle?

I learned in school.

What do you think other drivers should know about the Accessible Dispatch program?

I noticed that many drivers aren’t aware the program exists and the benefits. As soon as I see an Accessible Dispatch trip show up on my DIM (Driver Information Monitor), I immediately accept the offer. I accept the trip no matter how far the pick-up is!

Wheelchair accessible vehicle drivers: don’t forget, our driver incentive programs apply to all TLC-licensed drivers who accept Accessible Dispatch trips. Click here to learn more about the benefits of taking Accessible Dispatch trips!

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