Listen Now: Accessible Dispatch Program Director Crys Cooper on Ability Anyware Radio

On the most recent episode of Ability Anyware Radio, a disability advocacy podcast, guest DJ Dustin Jones sat down with Accessible Dispatch Program Director Crys Cooper. In this intriguing 10 minute conversation, Dustin and Crys talk about all things accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities living in and visiting New York City.

“As you all know, myself included, traveling around the city can be very difficult for a person with a disability. However, there is a solution to that. That solution is Accessible Dispatch.”Dustin Jones

If you’re curious about how Accessible Dispatch works, how you can schedule your next trip, and how you can get anywhere in the city using a wheelchair accessible taxi, this is your chance to hear it all in one place! Listen to the full podcast by clicking the play button on the podcast player below. If you’d like to access a transcription of the podcast, click here to view the podcast and transcription on Spreaker.

Thank you to our friends at Ability Anyware for inviting us to speak with you about how Accessible Dispatch helps people with disabilities access New York City like never before!

Listen to “Accessible Dispatch, Accessible Transportation in NYC” on Spreaker.

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