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There are many options for accessible transportation in New York City, managed by the TLC and other city and state agencies. The information on this page will help drivers learn about each program:

The TLC has published an educational document that overviews the city’s accessibility programs. Click here to view the document and learn more about how TLC licensed drivers can earn more money by helping passengers with disabilities.

Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program

The Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program provides on-demand and reservation-based service to passengers with disabilities in all five boroughs, using both yellow and green accessible vehicles. Trips are sent to available drivers by the Accessible Dispatcher. Payments for dispatch trips and passenger no-shows/cancellations are only made for trips performed through the Citywide Accessible Dispatch Program. Both yellow taxicab and green SHL drivers are eligible for Accessible Dispatch trips and associated dispatch payments.

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The Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF)

The Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF) is an incentive program designed to support the use of yellow wheelchair accessible taxicabs in New York City. Drivers enrolled in the TIF program are paid for every trip taken in a yellow wheelchair accessible taxicab—regardless if the passenger uses a wheelchair. Accessible Dispatch trips also qualify for TIF payment for yellow wheelchair accessible vehicle drivers.

Below is a summary of the key differences between the Accessible Dispatch Program and TIF:

Who is eligible? Which trips are eligible? When are drivers paid? How much are drivers paid? Who pays the drivers? How do I learn more and enroll?
Accessible Dispatch Program Drivers of both yellow and green WAVs. Only trips dispatched by Accessible Dispatch. Funds are distributed weekly via debit card or direct deposit, depending on your TSP provider’s payment method. Drivers receive a dispatch payment based on how far you travel to reach the pick-up point, in addition to any applicable no-show/ cancellation payments. The TSP provider distributes payment. Explore the Accessible Dispatch website, or contact the Driver Hotline at (646) 942-5957 or
TIF Only drivers of yellow WAVs. Every trip in a WAV taxicab, even if the passenger doesn’t use a wheelchair. Payments are sent every other Friday to the Bank of America debit card that you receive in the mail after enrolling in the program. Drivers receive $1.00 per trip taken in a yellow WAV taxicab. Bank of America distributes payments, with approval from the TLC. Visit the TIF FAQ page, or contact the TIF Program Team at TIF@TLC.NYC.GOV or 212.676.1111.


MTA’s Access-A-Ride provides Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit transportation for people with disabilities whose disability prevents them from using accessible mass transit, public bus, or subway service for some or all of their trips. Some Access-A-Ride trips may be performed in taxicabs and SHLs, including wheelchair accessible vehicles.

When the Access-A-Ride dispatcher sends you a trip, you will see a message appear on your DIM indicating that the trip is an Access-A-Ride trip, along with more detailed instructions about acceptance requirements and fare collection.

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Dispatch Messaging: Accessible Dispatch, Access-A-Ride, and eHail

When an Accessible Dispatch trip, Access-A-Ride trip, or eHail trip is sent to you via Curb and Arro, you will receive a specific message on your DIM informing you of what trip type the dispatch is for.

For Owners: Taxi Improvement Fund (TIF) for Owners and Green Grant Eligibility

The Taxi Improvement Fund is driver and vehicle-owner focused. Owners and agents of unrestricted yellow cab medallions are eligible for TIF payments for each approved accessible taxicab that they are required to place into service. Owners and agents of restricted medallions are eligible for payments for every other approved vehicle. All current licensees who complete and submit program agreement documents are eligible to enroll in this program. The program is funded through the TIF surcharge included on all trip fares. Click here for more information.

Owners of SHL permits for wheelchair accessible vehicles are eligible for Green Grants funded through the Street Hail Livery Improvement Fund (SHLIF) surcharge. Under this program, owners can receive up to $30,000 over four years in return for hacking up a new qualified wheelchair accessible vehicle. Click here for more information.

Criteria for eligibility include:

• Purchasing a wheelchair accessible SHL permit.
• Purchasing/equipping an accessible vehicle in accordance with TLC standards.
• Licensing the vehicle with the TLC.
• Affiliating the vehicle and permit to a base with an SHL endorsement.
• Hacking up the vehicle at the TLC Woodside facility.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by calling us at (646) 942-5957 or emailing To file a complaint about Accessible Dispatch with the TLC, please contact 311.

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