A yellow wheelchair accessible taxi drives on a New York City street. Text in front of the photo reads "Earn up to $35 before the meter starts!"

Drivers: Get Familiar with Our New Dispatch Fee Schedule!

Attention wheelchair accessible vehicle drivers: did you know that Accessible Dispatch recently updated our dispatch fee schedule? Now, no matter which borough your trip originates in, the dispatch fee is the same. This streamlined fee schedule helps to minimize confusion over how much you’ll be paid for accepting an Accessible Dispatch trip. Plus, we have increased the fees—now you can earn up to $35 per trip, in any borough!

Dispatch Fee Schedule for All Pick-Up Locations

Maximum Distance (Miles) Dispatch Fee
Up to 0.5 $15
0.5 – 1 $20
1 – 1.5 $25
1.5 – 2 $30
More than 2 $35

 Other Fees

Passenger No-Show Fee Fee above plus $10
Cancellation Fee Fee above minus $5
Necessary Tolls Added to fee above at EZ-Pass rate


Click here to access more information about dispatch fees and payments, along with other frequently asked questions about the Accessible Dispatch program. If you have further questions about dispatch fees or other topics, call our Driver Hotline at 646-942-5957. A member of our team would be happy to speak with you one-on-one!

Take more trips. Earn more cash. Help New Yorkers access the city like never before!

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