Photo of a wheelchair accessible taxi cruising the city.

Driver Profile: Mohammed Muda

Since our initial launch in 2012, Accessible Dispatch has made a positive impact on New York City’s transportation options, creating our own category of efficient and reliable wheelchair accessible taxi service. Our yellow and green WAV taxi drivers are a true reflection of the Accessible Dispatch program, with their continued focus on serving people with disabilities with genuine care, compassion, and knowledge of wheelchair safety and securement.

Mohammed Muda is one of those drivers. What Muda appreciates the most about Accessible Dispatch is that the program welcomes opportunity in a host of different ways. We sat down with him to discuss his experience driving an accessible taxi and serving passengers who utilize wheelchairs.

How long have you been a licensed TLC driver?
I’ve been licensed with TLC for three years. The process was worth it and I lease a yellow cab.

When did you take your first Accessible Dispatch trip?
My first Accessible Dispatch trip was two years ago. It was new for me but the way the program is set up, they provide you with just the right amount of information that makes it easy to get acclimated and adjusted.

What do you like best about Accessible Dispatch?
Flexibility. Although I like to drive, it makes it that much easier because I get to choose my shifts and fix my own schedule. I also like how they care about the drivers and give us incentives that other programs don’t.

How did you learn how to use the ramp and securement equipment in your vehicle?
Knowing how to properly use those properties is key to the passenger experience. I lease a NV 200, which comes with a manual that I took the time to learn inside and out.

What do you think other drivers should know about the Accessible Dispatch program?
Drivers should know the difference between Accessible Dispatch and other programs so that they can better accommodate the passengers. The resources are there, like the weekly WAV refresher program which teaches and reminds drivers how to use the equipment properly.

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